Over nearly 40 years, the Group of companies, Amata Medicare Co., Ltd. has created the products from glass both on demand products: OEM andmanufactured products for distribution under their own brand: ODM based on the readiness of our factory’s potential capacity supporting the needs of our customers to utilize in medical devices, scientific equipment, containers and home decoration. For example: syringes, Scientific glassware such as Test tubes; Droppers, molded glass for jewelry and home decorative items, etc., under the name Triviwat Co., Ltd. and Amata Medicare Co., Ltd.

          Throughout years of experience with expertise and attentively in every detail, along with a professional team, the company can effectively meet the needs of customers accurately. In addition, the company utilizes the machinery and technology of modern production to meet the International standards, including US FDA and ISO 13485 quality management system, etc.

          Above all is the strictly monitor about the choice of raw materials to suit for each customer and product quality control in order to maintain the cleanliness and safety to the product users. Our products are made of glass without chemical contamination or reactions with certain drugs that have different pH values, therefore when the products are applied to a medical device they do not cause any side effects.

          Current products from Amata Medicare Co., Ltd. are accepted and trusted by many customers. Along with being used as a component of various products, all over the world

Standard & Certificates

With advanced technology and excellent management system, the group Amata Medicare Co., Ltd. is certified by various Global standards of the institutions:

  2. Thailand Food and Drug certificate
  3. Under US FDA Control Pactices
  4. The Board of Investment of Thailand
  5. Outstanding Practice Award of Nonthaburi province, Thailand
  6. Productivity and Technology Improvement (Industrial Economics Ministry of Industry)
  7. CE Marking


History Timeline InfographicYear 1978 – The company was founded under the name Triviwat Co., Ltd.

Year 1986 – The company is constantly growing and receiving share the domestic market share to 90%.

Year 2007 – Expansion and development of production in order to support the increasing in product demand, also accompanied by the standard ISO 13485

Year 2009 – The company was moving forward into one of the best manufacturer of glass syringes in Thailand, with the highest market share steadily Improving quality to meet international standards able to compete at a global level in the terms of quality and price, also exporting products to sell in the United States

Year 2013 – Present – Founded of Amata Medicare Co., Ltd., which was supported by BOI (Board of Investment), with a standard ISO 13485, also the Triviwat Co., Ltd. to aggressively expand marketing by exporting products to dealers throughout the world

Moreover, expanding the business potential by applying the global standard of production technology and Quality control

Business Alliance

Accomplished with the potential and exceptional standards of the group of Amata Medicare Co., Ltd., the company gains the attention of businesses and industries around the world that need to use glass as a component in their products and has joined a new creative innovation to the products under the leading brands export to the world market, including: